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Trademark Registration

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Basically, a trademark is a “brand” or “logo” that you can use to distinguish your product from those of your competitors. Through trademark registration, you can protect your brand or logo by restricting other people from using the same. For e.g. the logo of NIKE and their tagline JUST DO IT is a registered trademark. It provides them protection as it is illegal to use the same logo or tagline. G B Legal Associates provides the service of Trademark registration in Navi Mumbai.Also we have our official branches for Brand registration in Navi Mumbai, Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata, Chennai & Ahmedabad.


Trademark Registration benefit both businesses and consumers.Trademarks allow businesses to build an identity and reputation with customers, and grow or expand business. They allow consumers to take an informed buying decision by searching out familiar brand names and avoid bad buying experiences by avoiding the brands they didn’t like.

  1. Confers upon the owner the exclusive right to use the brand.
  2. Protects hard earned goodwill in the business.
  3. Protects your Name / Brand Name from being used in a same or similar fashion, by any other business firm, thus discourages others from cashing on your long built goodwill.
  4. Gives your products a status of “Branded Goods”
  5. To obtain legal relief in respect of infringement (misuse by others) of the trade mark.


While the ™ symbol alert the public that an application for registration of the mark is pending at the Trademarks Registry, the ® symbol, is used against marks which have already been registered by the Registry. Any use of ® symbol for an unregistered mark amounts to a legal offence.


The Trademark registration confers upon the owner exclusive rights to use the registered trademark in relation to the goods or services in respect of which the mark is registered. However, the exclusive right is subject to any limitation of area of use as entered in the register.

The registrar by virtue of Section 23 upon registering the trademark and issues the certificate of registration to the applicant. The date of registration of trademark shall be the date of filing of the application. Though registration of a trademark is not compulsory registration establishes that the registered owner is the proprietor of the mark covered by the registration.

A registered trademark is an intangible asset for a business and is used to protect the company’s investment in the brand or symbol. TM number is assigned within a period of three days by Trademark department but it takes almost two years for it to be registered so that you can use to use ® symbol with your brand name. It is always advised to get trademark registration because getting your company registered will not protect your brand against those who might initiate using identical or similar marks.

The owner of a trademark may pursue legal action against trademark infringement. Most countries require formal registration of a trademark as a precondition for pursuing this type of action. The United States, Canada and other countries also recognize common law trademark rights, which means action can be taken to protect an unregistered trademark if it is in use. Still common law trademarks offer the holder in general less legal protection than registered trademarks.